Can you Unlock iCloud Online? Find Out Here!

Can you unlock iCloud online? the answer is yes! In this article, we will explain the most important aspects you should take into account when unlocking an iPhone and will give you information about the best unlocking service on the internet in case you need a recommended and trustworthy unlocker to do the job.

Is it Possible to Remove the iCloud Activation Lock Online?

Can you Unlock iCloud Online?
Can you Unlock iCloud Online?

Unlocking iCloud online is possible and is the best option for people who forgot their iCloud account (Apple ID and password) or purchased a used or second-hand iPhone that was still linked to the previous owner’s iCloud.

There are tons of websites that offer iCloud activation lock removal services with different programs, prices, and timeframes, in fact, we have done a lot of research about the most known ones for you to check the reviews on our blog.

There are certain aspects that we suggest you take into account when deciding which iCloud unlock service provider to use:


The effectiveness rate is something fundamental when choosing a service provider because that’s how you know what the chances of a successful iCloud account removal are (you don’t want to pay for a service that won’t work, right?).

Safety measures

There are a lot of scams on the internet. Hence, you have to always be really careful of where are you entering your personal data, the safety measures that a website takes to protect your information tell a lot about if it is a good idea to enter your credit card details (and important information about your iPhone) in there or not.


If you are not an expert and as the majority of people are just stuck in this problem but are not tech-savvy, we recommend that you make sure the unlocking process to remove the iCloud lock screen is easy to follow, includes clear instructions, and comes with technical support representatives in case you struggle with that software.


iOS Compatibility
iOS Compatibility

This is something basic that you need to check before paying for the service because the unlocking process changes depending on the iPhone model and iOS version, so you have to make sure your device can be unlocked with that specific software.


Some unlocking websites charge a lot of money for them to remove the iCloud activation lock from your Apple device, there are hidden charges, and some even ask their customers to pay monthly charges for a subscription that they will only use once. That is why we recommend that you check the prices beforehand so that you don’t give yourself a surprise later.


Removing the iCloud activation lock screen from your locked iOS device should not take more than half an hour, so if you don’t want to waste your time with a service provider that will take days to get the job done, we recommend that you take a look to their timeframes and select one that fixes the issue as fast as possible.

SafeUnlocks: The best iCloud Activation Lock Removal Service Provider

SafeUnlocks: The best iCloud Activation Lock Removal Service Provider
SafeUnlocks: The best iCloud Activation Lock Removal Service Provider

If you are looking for an iCloud unlock service that meets the previous points we explained above, we would recommend that you use SafeUnlocks. They are pretty well known for offering an iCloud activation lock removal process that only takes 15 minutes and that unlocks your iOS device permanently.

Their unlocking services cost $1 per each unlocked device (so there are no paid subscriptions and the price is good for what they offer); SafeUnlocks’ platform or unlocking tool is fairly easy to use, they even have available video tutorials and customer service 24/7 in case you don’t understand something or have a question.

Also, their iCloud unlock services count with a 99.9% effectiveness rate and are compatible with any iOS device (regardless of the iOS version or iPhone model), which means that it doesn’t matter if you have a locked iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Apple Watch, they can remove the iCloud activation lock for you.

Is it safe to Remove the iCloud Activation Lock with SafeUnlocks?

Is it safe to Remove the iCloud Activation Lock with SafeUnlocks?
Is it safe to Remove the iCloud Activation Lock with SafeUnlocks?

SafeUnlocks has pretty high-security standards to protect their clients’ information, they have enabled SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protection on their unlocking tool which encrypts all the data you enter into their website and secures your connection while they unlock iCloud activation lock from your device.

This SSL protocol will stop third parties from accessing your data while is being transferred to their servers, so we think that is a great feature to have installed in a program like this (where you have to enter things like the device’s IMEI number and your credit card info to make the payment).

In addition, there is something pretty interesting and it is that you don’t need to enter any of your passwords or Apple ID to remove the iCloud lock. Your iCloud account credentials (Apple ID and password) are something that unlocking web pages usually ask you to enter, but the fact that SafeUnlocks doesn’t need it is a great advantage.

Also, you don’t need to install their program on your iOS device or your computer (which is something that other unlockers require) so you can rest assured that no malware will be installed/downloaded on your devices, the process is 100% online.

How Can you Unlock iCloud Online with SafeUnlocks

How to liberate an iCloud-locked iPhone with SafeUnlocks

If you are interested in SafeUnlocks‘ iCloud unlock service, all you have to do is to go to their website and follow the easy instructions there, you will need to enter your name, email address, IMEI number of your iOS device (remember to have it ready beforehand), and some other data important for them to place the unlocking order.

You will need to create an account with them (it has no charge) for you to finish the process, for it, you just need to set a username and password and authenticate your identity, after you create the account you will be able to finish the unlocking process.

You can do this process from any device (smartphones, tablets, computers), it doesn’t matter as long as you have a stable internet connection, the IMEI number, and the iOS device you want to unlock handy, so just click here to go to their website and let us know in the comments how did it go.

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