Does IMEInow Remove iCloud lock? Find Out Now!

IMEInow claims to be the #1 iCloud unlock company; they advertise on their website that they offer the most reliable iCloud unlock/activation lock removal service on the internet, but does IMEInow remove iCloud lock for real? today we are here to try them out and let you know if that’s true and if it’s worth it to pay for their services.

IMEInow’s Unlocking Process

Does IMEInow Remove iCloud lock? Let's Find Out!
IMEInow’s Unlocking Process

To remove the iCloud activation lock from your iPhone with IMEInow, you first have to go to their website and, from the menu bar at the top of the page, choose the “Unlock iCloud” option.

On that page, you will need to enter your phone’s IMEI number for the system to identify the type of device you are about to unlock and click on the “Remove Activation Lock” or “Unlock iCloud” button.

IMEI number
IMEI number

After clicking the button you are taken to the website’s payment gateway where you are asked to agree to their service’s terms and conditions and to make the payment for the unlock.

Payment Gateway
Payment Gateway

Now, they provide an average timeframe of 24 to 48 hours (which is already a lot for an iCloud removal service that takes 30 minutes with other sites like SafeUnlocks) and ask you to enter your credit card information for them to make the charge after you do so, you receive an email confirmation and are supposed to wait for them to unlock your device. We completed this process twice.

IMEInow Unlocking Outcome

  • The first time we waited for a while and then were asked to make another payment for the same amount, we didn’t make the second payment — because if $30 were already a lot of money for this unlock, to pay $60 was not an option — and asked for a refund that we never received (we’ll talk about this later).
  • We wanted to give it a second chance, and in this second opportunity, we were not asked to pay more for the service, so we just waited for the corresponding 48 hours. The timeframe passed, a couple of days more passed, and after almost a week we were notified that it was not possible to remove the iCloud activation lock and that if we wanted a “premium unlock” we could pay another $30 for it.

Let’s Talk About Pricing

Let's Talk About Pricing
Let’s Talk About Pricing

The price of the iCloud Activation lock removal is not something this website totally clarifies from the beginning. The unlock is supposed to start at $19 because the newer your phone is, the more expensive it gets, so for new models, you could end up paying up to $50 (for an iPhone 12 mini, we were charged $29.97), in addition, if your phone happens to be blacklisted, you get charged another $49.99.

Is this the Average Price for an iCloud Activation Lock Removal Process?

This price is excessive considering that there are other iCloud activation lock removal tools like SafeUnlocks that can remove the exact same lock without altering their prices based on the kind of phone you have and that are much more affordable compared to this unlock. SafeUnlocks charges only $1 per unlocked device, and there are no hidden charges, so paying for IMEInow’s services when companies like SafeUnlocks exist seems like a waste of money and time.


In addition, as we were mentioning before and as it has happened to many other users like the one commenting on Trustpilot, the first $29 payment that you make is not a one-time charge. After you make the first payment you are asked to make another payment for the same amount (and anyway not having your iPhone unlocked).

IMEInow’s Refund Policies

Refund Policy
Refund Policy

According to IMEInow’s refund policies, if they cannot unlock your iPhone or Apple device and if it takes them more than 30 days to refund your money, you can get a refund.

Now, something worth mentioning is that having a 30-day policy is a lot. They do inform you that the unlocking process takes up to 24 or 48 hours to unlock a device, but it actually takes much more (if you are lucky enough for the process to work), and they are aware of that because their policies give them a 30-day interval to unlock the iPhone.

Cashback Testimony
Cashback Testimony

In addition, as you can see in the user’s review from Trustpilot, even if you are eligible for an unlock, they won’t refund your money, what they offer is the possibility of receiving some vouchers or store credits for you to use on their website, but not the money. If you already paid and want a refund, we recommend you dispute the charge with your bank or the financial institution that you used to pay for this service.

Does IMEInow remove iCloud lock?

Does IMEInow remove iCloud lock?

Unfortunately, based on our experience and the experience of so many other users, even though IMEInow claims to be able to remove the activation lock, the software does not work as good as they claim, and their users end up waiting weeks or sometimes a month for an unlock that is never generated.

In addition, according to some users’ reviews, the customer service of IMEInow doesn’t reply emails, so if you have any question or have any problem you will be by yourself (even more if it is about a refund because in almost every review in Trustpilot people complaint about not having an answer when requesting the refund of their money).

How else can I remove my iPhone’s iCloud Activation Lock?

The alternative that we recommend is SafeUnlocks, you will really save yourself all the issues that come with IMEInow because:

  • The unlocking process only takes 30-minutes.
  • They only charge you $1 for the whole unlocking process of your iPhone.
  • The $1 that you pay is a one-time charge and there are no other hidden fees.
  • They have a 99.9% success rate.
  • Their unlocking software is compatible with all iOS versions, so you won’t have issues with your phone not being supported.

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