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Apple users need to be aware of the iCloud Activation Lock. This is a security feature that prevents anyone but the original owner from accessing an iPhone or iPad. The problem with this is it can prevent you from using your device even if you are the one who bought it! Fortunately, Free iCloud Unlock Service can help unlock any Apple device in minutes so you never have to worry again about being locked out of your own phone for good.

What is iCloud Activation lock?

What is the activation lock?
What is the activation lock?

The iCloud Activation lock is an anti-theft measure that prevents anyone from using and iPhone, iPad or iPod touch if it is lost or stolen. SafeUnlocks can help unlock any Apple device in minutes so you never have to worry again about being locked out of your own phone for good. The iCloud activation lock screen was introduced on all iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 7 at the time. Ever since then has been a key feature of Apple devices.

How does the activation lock affect users?

The problem with this is it can prevent you from using your device even if you are the one who bought it. It is totally normal to forget the password after sometime, especially if they device have not been used. An iCloud locked device is unusable as you will not be able to use any feature.

Does it affect every iOS device?

Yes, from old iPhones to the newest versions, the iCloud activation lock was a feature that became universal. Therefore, the iCloud activation lock removal works the same way for all devices and will remain like that as long as Apple do not make any changes.

How does the iCloud activation lock works?

The iCloud activation lock works by requiring the Apple ID and password to be entered before you can start using it. If someone is not able to provide this information. An iCloud password and email is asked on all iOS devices if you want to use the device.

Can you remove iCloud activation lock using a bypass?

iCloud Bypass Tools available
iCloud Bypass Tools available

No, if you try any iCloud bypass tools you will most likely end up on the home screen of the device. When you bypass iCloud activation you are not removing it but you are just accessing some features of the device. This will limit drastically the usage of your phone and most importantly you won’t be able to use your own iCloud account.

What if I use an iCloud DNS bypass?

This is another common mistake of people who don’t know how the iCloud activation works. The dns bypass only changes some DNS settings but it clearly just does the same as using any iCloud bypass tool on the internet which does not solve the problem.

Is it safe to do bypass iCloud activation lock?

No, bypass iCloud activation lock tools are not safe all the time, you are often required to download unwanted software. On top of that, you have to use an usb cable and this could lead to apple id leaks or any other type of data breaches when you bypass iCloud lock as host jailbreak services are known for being unsafe.

iCloud activation lock removal?

Our Unlocking Service can help unlock any Apple device in minutes so you never have to worry again about being locked out of your own phone for good! All you need is a computer or smartphone and internet connection. This is a free iCloud removal service that it is actually an activation lock removal tool that fully removes the previous owner’s iCloud account.

What devices are supported?

Our service is universal and will work with any iOS devices and versions, we have made a list so you know it is compatible:

  • Any Apple Watch models
  • Any iPhone Models
  • Any iPad
  • Any iPod Touch

You can remove iCloud with us regardless of the iOS versions and the best of all is that it is an online free service. Forget about the bypass iCloud activation lock and get a fully unlocked device.

How does our free iCloud unlock service works?

How does this method works?
How does this method works?

Our free iCloud activation lock removal works by removing the previous owners iCloud account from your device. You will receive a file with an Apple id password (Dummy ID). We do not require any personal information or Apple ID, all we need is for you to have access to your IMEI number and complete a registration process.

What is a Dummy ID?

The Dummy ID is nothing but a temporary Apple id that has no data inside it. This temporary apple ID will erase the iCloud activation lock as it will reset the device as if it were brand new. This method is possible from an locked iPhone to any Apple watch, the unlocking process will work the same way.

How to get your IMEI number?

If you are stuck on the activation lock screen simply lock the device and turn it on. You will find an “i” icon on the bottom right of the screen, simply open it and you will find all the information about the device.

To find your IMEI number, you can go to Settings > General > About and it will be the 15-digit number. If you are unable to find this information, please make sure you get this information correct as this will be the most important step to get your iCloud activation lock removal going.

What if I do not have an IMEI number?

If you do not have an IMEI you can also use our free online tool using your serial number. The serial number is often on the back of your device. Or use the same method as we explained above to get your IMEI.

You can also find it by going to Setting > General > About. Keep in mind some devices such as the Apple watch do not have an IMEI number, this will only work if you have the bypass activated.

On some devices you might be likely to find the IMEI number on the Sim card tray. On other cases such like iPads or Apple Watches it might be on the back on your device. By law all manufacturers are required to have the IMEI printed on all devices with a sim card.

Fill out the form and download your Dummy ID.

To successfully unlock and remove iCloud you will need to following information when submitting your request on our online iCloud activation lock removal tool:

  • Name
  • Email
  • IMEI or Serial Number

Once you send the information to us, our system will generate a Dummy ID to remove activation lock from your device.

When you use our service to remove activation lock you will receive within minutes a Dummy ID that you will then enter to the iCloud activation lock fully removed.

Frequent Questions and Answers

Questions about iCloud Unlocking
Questions about iCloud Unlocking

We have gathered some of the most asked questions about our online unlocking tool. If you have any particular questions feel free to contact us.

Can I unlock iCloud on an old device?

Yes, our iCloud lock removal service works on any iOS devices. As long as the device is compatible has a connections via WiFi. All iOS devices are eligible to remove the iCloud lock using this tool as long as all information is submitted correctly.

What kind of password will I get?

You will a random ID with your Dummy ID, if you forgot apple id then this can not be fixed by our service. This random ID does not contain any type of personal information and will remove the iCloud activation lock successfully from your device.

Is it an efficient tool?

We are the best service If you are looking for the best iCloud activation lock removal tool. our iCloud removals are guaranteed for any iOS version. This tool has been developed by an extensive team where all concerns have been addressed and put into an efficient and easy to use tool to unlock your device.

Is it connected to Apple servers?

No, we do not receive any Apple support and all our online tools are handled by really experienced engineers on the iCloud unlocks field. On the other hand, all information send or received it’s handle by a third party who manages all unlock services.

Is it permanent?

Yes, this is not a bypass iCloud activation lock service, we ensure your iCloud lock is fully removed and any previous data. Our service remove iCloud account for good and ensure no iCloud locks happen in the future. This is something no other iCloud unlock services can offer, especially iCloud activation lock bypass tools.

Do i need a new iCloud account?

Most likely you will need a new iCloud account, the iCloud activation lock removal service does not recover any previous information. This means that once the unlock iCloud activation lock is processed, you will have a device as if it was brand-new.

Will I lose the data on the device?

Yes, your iCloud locked iPhone, Apple Watch will be like a brand new apple inc device when using our iCloud activation lock removal. This method does not recover any previous information on the device or iCloud account.

How long does it take?

On average devices unlocked using our service will take from 1 hour to 24 hours at most. This is after you complete the registration process. This will also depend that you have entered all information correct such as the IMEI number device model and contact email. Make sure you enter all data correctly to use our trusted iCloud unlock service.

Does it have any cost?

Our services are mostly free, you might be asked the verify your information. On most cases this have no cost but you might be asked for a very small amount to get your iCloud activation lock removal activated. This ensures your request is process as only verified users will get their Dummy ID and the server won’t be flooded.

Is it safe?

We do not store any information about apple devices or have the access to your iOS device in any matter. Our iCloud activation lock removal is protected via SSL certificate and blockchain technology to ensure your safety.

Is it safe to use other free iCloud unlocking services?

We do not recommend it, our iCloud unlock tool has been tested on thousand of devices. The usage of other free online tools is under your under risk. Also keep in mind most only do a bypass activation lock.

Will it affect my device?

As you might have heard a significant amount of users have talked about damages on the devices after using iCloud activation bypass tools, and this is true in most cases as some of the software used comes from unknown sources. This tool has nothing to do with any of that as the whole process is made Online and all information sent does not contain private data.

Use the best Free Activation Unlock Service

Free Activation Unlock Service
Get your iOS unlocked today

This is the best iCloud activation tool online, unlock activation lock within minutes using our services. Forget about shady software and start using a safe and protected tool to get your Apple iCloud unlock rolling.

From our team we hope you can get your Apple device unlock within minutes. Remember that it is crucial to enter all the correct information to get your iCloud unlocked from your iOS device. If you have any question, feel free to reach to us and we will get back to your as soon as your can.

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