Best iCloud Unlock Service Online: Which One Should You Use?

Throughout the years we have come across many different iCloud activation lock removal tools in the market. From paid software to free Online tools, we will list the best and the worst iCloud unlock service you can find Online to get rid of the iCloud lock. As a reminder, we are an independent and unbiased site made to review and rate unlocking services.

What is the Activation Lock?

The iCloud Activation Lock is a security feature introduced by Apple on the iOS 7 update. Ever since 2013 users enjoy of a security layer that prevent third party users from accessing their data in case the device gets lost or stolen.

This security measure can be activated manually if the users log into their iCloud account and mark their iOS device as stolen or lost. Once activated, the users holding your device must enter the email and password associated with the device to get access to it.

The iCloud lock can also be activated automatically if it detects that the Apple device it’s being rebooted forcefully. This is a common mistakes among many users as they attempt to reset their phone to factory settings and then sell it.

issues with the iCloud lock

Find the best iCloud Unlock service
Find the best iCloud Unlock service

Without a doubt this is a great tool that really protects your data and prevents the reselling of your stolen iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple Watch. However, there are many cases where users get locked from their devices as they unintentionally marked their devices as lost or they reset their iOS devices thinking this is the way to remove the account.

Some of the most common reasons you might end up with a locked device are:

  • You forgot your password and means of recovery
  • You did a forced reset on your device and forgot your account
  • It was a gift from a relative you do not have any contact

There are many other reasons why you might fall into this issue. Thankfully, on this post we will talk about the best iCloud unlock service to remove the activation lock despite of your circumstance.

How are our iCloud Unlock Service Reviews structured?

Compared every iCloud Unlock Service
Compared every iCloud Unlock Service

When rating iCloud removal services we take into account various factors to rank these services:

  • User Experience
  • Existing Reviews
  • Interface
  • Accessibility

We also try the services ourselves to give our own opinion based on our experience doing the iCloud unlocking process with every tool recommended by the community and also popularity on the internet.


All information written on this guide it’s independent and it’s only based on our experiences using the tools. All tools used here promise to unlock iCloud activation lock permanently, meaning this is not a bypass iCloud activation lock tool.

iCloud activation lock removal services

Before we start reviewing the unlocking tools, we would like to clarify that there are many tools found Online promising to unlock an iCloud locked device, we have discarded tools with very low rating on review sites as well as those with survey verification processes.

SafeUnlocks 9.7/10

iCloud unlock service by Safeunlocks
Safeunlocks Official iCloud Unlock Service

SafeUnlocks its an Online platform that offers users a very easy and intuitive way to remove iCloud activation lock from any iOS devices. This service comes first on our list as it is one of the only services that manages to compile all information with a very simple platform to unlock your device.

More than a beautiful and easy tool, we tried their iCloud unlock service on an iPhone 6s to test it and proof that the services is actually functional. To remove the iCloud activation lock we first had to obtain the following information:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Device
  • IMEI

After submitting our form and activating our order using their tutorial, we received an email containing a temporary Apple ID and password that we were asked to enter on our iPhone 6s. After entering the password we were able to access the setting menu. We finished our setting process and we were greeted with the home screen of our iPhone.

This service it’s by far one of our favorites as it uses a very simple process that anyone can follow. The resources on the page were also very helpful and contained everything an users needs to proceed with their unlocking process.

  • Easy to Use
  • Fully Online Method
  • Safe to use
  • Compatible with all iOS versions
  • High Demand
  • It can take longer than expected

LockedToOwner 8.9/10

LockedToOwner iCloud Unlock Service
LockedToOwner iCloud Unlock Service

Next on our list, we have LockedToOwner on the top 3 apps to remove the iCloud activation lock screen. One of the main reasons why this service ranks high on our list its due to their wizard and user friendliness.

Something to point out is their minimalist and easy to use interface, if you are a beginner user, this might be a great iCloud unlock tool to remove the activation lock screen. Based on many reviews online this is one of the most trusted iCloud unlock service available right now.

So far we have seen how easy and user friendly this service is, but more importantly, we have to test how this iCloud unlock service works and what are the steps to unlock your device:

  • Select the device your want to unlock (iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch)
  • Enter a Contact name and a Valid email
  • Select and enter your IMEI number or Serial number.
  • Download your unlocking details
  • Enter it and unlock your device

We found this method to be extremely easy to do, we were able to unlock an iPhone 11 pro max facing the activation lock issue on the device. Despite all the great things we have said, we found a lack of information for users which lowers the score on the list.

  • Helping Wizard
  • Easy to use by beginners
  • Wide Compatibility
  • Online Process
  • Lack of information
  • Poor customer support

UnlockMaker 8.3/10

UnlockMaker iCloud unlock service
UnlockMaker iCloud unlock service

Third place goes to UnlockMaker with their Online iCloud removal service. Despite not being the best looking iCloud unlock service you will ever see, we can say that the tool it’s relatively easy to use as we will discuss later.

UnlockMaker has been around for couple of years now, that’s probably one of the reasons why they use a very old looking App with no many buttons or sections to interact. This might either be good or bad but it always depends on every individual, we will now test the service and check whether this unlocking service works or not.

We tried this service on an iPhone Xs max with the iCloud lock, the service claims to unlock your device in only 5 minutes, we are going to go ahead and do it:

  • Enter some contact details
  • Select your model and identify it with the IMEI or SN
  • Create your login details
  • Enter it on your device
  • Follow the settings until you reach the home screen

The overall unlocking process time was around 15 minutes, we are not sure where the 5 minute wait time comes from. However, we can say that the services is fully functional if you want to remove the previous owner’s iCloud account in case you ever need it.

  • Easy unlocking process
  • Works on any iOS version
  • Fully Unlock Method
  • Outdated Platform
  • Poor Support

3Unlocker 7.9/10

3Unlocker iCloud Unlock Service
3Unlocker iCloud Unlock Service

Launched in 2016, 3Unlocker has been a popular tool to remove to unlock iCloud lock across different devices. This iCloud unlock service can be found in popular and recognized websites such as Maccrunch where you can easily download it.

As far as we are concern, 3Unlocker has not received any major updates lately, from the latest info, we found that it works on devices running iOS 15 or a previous version. This is going to be a real problem for many users as the new iOS 16 has become available not long ago.

For this particular case, we brought an iPhone XS running iOS 15, we are going to download this software and try it ourselves to let you know the results:

  • Open the software on your PC or MacBook
  • Plug in your device via USB
  • Select your device model
  • Select your device (The name of your device will appear)
  • Press upload and let it run
  • A file will be uploaded on your device, hit begin and select Unlock and Wipe

After unlocking our device we simply entered our own iCloud account and we managed to use the device as if it were brand new. One of the big downsides about using this software it’s the lack of maintenance. After all it is a great iCloud unlock service that it’s only available for users with a Windows or Mac computer.

  • Easy to use software
  • Reviewed by big sites
  • Quick Unlocking Process
  • Needs to be Downloaded
  • Hasn’t Been Updated

iCloud Unlock Deluxe 7.4/10

iCloud Unlock Deluxe Software
iCloud Unlock Deluxe Software

Featured in videos as well as recognizable websites, iCloud Unlock Deluxe was among one of the best services back in 2018 when it was first launched. This popular iCloud unlock service can be downloaded on both Windows and Mac computers.

Installing this software is fairly easy as it runs on most computers, the big downside about this problem is the lack of compatibility with some of the new models of iPhone or iPad. We will download and install a copy of this powerful tool and try it on an iPhone 7.

Once downloaded, you need to follow the following instructions to remove iCloud activation lock from your iOS:

  • Start the software and plug your iPhone or iPad
  • The software will recognize your device (this takes around 2-5 minutes)
  • Click on the unlocking button once it has detected your device

That’s all you need to do to remove iCloud lock from your device in case you want to use this software. We are unsure if this app is capable of removing iCloud on new devices as the platform seems to be forgotten.

Regardless of the lack of updates or compatibility, this is still a great tool that helps you remove the iCloud activation lock. We would recommend to use this software only if you have an old device running iOS 15 or an older version.

  • User Friendly
  • Doesn’t require high specs
  • Works on Windows and MacOS
  • Lack of updates
  • No customer support

Tenorshare 4ukey 6.9/10

Tenorshare iCloud Unlock Service
Tenorshare iCloud Unlock Service

We are sure that you have come across this unlocking service if you have have been dealing with this problem. We are aware that this company has been around for years and seems to be update quite often.

In terms of design the website offers a modern and easy to use platform for users to interact. One downside about this method, as well as the other 2 mentioned above, is that users are required to download software on their computers. This is not always the best case, as software might come infected with viruses that could hurt your laptop or phone.

We went ahead and tried the service ourselves, we will list the instructions below so you can do it as well:

  • Open 3ukey on your laptop
  • Connect the iPhone via USB
  • Let the software run and detect your iPhone
  • You will be asked to pay for a license

This license to activate the software may vary, at the time we wrote this article, we were asked to pay $49 dollars. We didn’t go ahead with this process as the retail value of the device is around $120.

In conclusion, we are not sure if this software actually works or not. We found it to be complicated for beginner users, as well as the price value it’s very high for most users around the world. We leave it up to you if you want to try this service as this was only our experience using the software.

  • Very user friendly experience
  • Questionable practices
  • Expensive to use
  • Didn’t work

DirectUnlocks 6.0/10

DirectUnlocks Unlocking services
DirectUnlocks Unlocking services

Despite this being an Online iCloud unlock service, we were really upset about the practices of this company. We are only giving this rating as the platform it’s extremely well built and it is easy to use by almost anyone.

To test the service, we had an iPhone 11 on our hands that currently had the activation lock, we wanted to see how the services works and how easy it was to do it. At first glance, everything looked normal, we were only asked to enter our IMEI number and select the device model we wanted to unlock.

After submitting our data on the platform, we were asked to pay £23.99 ($26), something you need to be aware is that this fee is only to check the eligibility of your device. We were only aware of this because we looked throughout the page and we found this disclaimer.

In case your device is not eligible for unlocking (You will need pay £35 if eligible), you will be refunded the full amount only to be use on future orders. We feel that this is not the best practice and we didn’t want to continue forward as we didn’t feel comfortable using this service. We invite you to take a look at their refund and terms and conditions policies.

  • Easy to browse
  • Wide compatibility
  • Lack of information
  • Questionable refund policy
  • Didn’t work

iToolab Software 5.5/10

iToolab iCloud Unlock Service
iToolab iCloud Unlock Service

Once again, we are dealing with a software solution on this particular case. iToolab does not only offer to remove the iCloud activation lock but also promises to solve other issues such as removing the passcode, iPhone disabled and all sort of issues that iPhones currently face.

Downloading the iToolab is fairly easy as the software can be found on their official website, it is available for Mac users and Windows users. This software it’s “free” but a lot of features are paid therefore you need to be prepared to pay if you want to use it.

This service offers a money back guarantee policy which makes it appealing for a lot of users, this will be later disputed as we run into many issue while unlocking our iPhone 11 max pro running iOS 16.

  • Open the software and plug your device as usual
  • Press start once your device it’s recognized
  • Follow the instructions (This was the further we got)

After trying couple of times to iCloud bypass our problem, we kept running into different issues. We think it is due to compatibility with the new iOS version. We are not sure what was the issue, as far as we are concern this method does not work with iOS 16.

After our failed attempt to get the iCloud lock removed, we contacted the service to get our money back. We did not receive any reply by the company so we had to open a dispute with our payment method.

This unlock process was by far one of the most disappointing experiences we have had since we started reviewing different iCloud account removal services. It is always up to you to try these services as your experience might be different.

  • Easy to use platform
  • Needs to be Downloaded
  • Not completely free as they claim
  • Risk of viruses

AppleiPhoneUnlock 4.9/10

iCloud Unlock service by AppleiPhoneUnlock
iCloud Unlock service by AppleiPhoneUnlock

Last on our list we got this service from the UK, something that caught our attention was the similarity by Directunlocks. From the interface to the unlocking method, AppleiPhoneUnlock probably is managed by the same company as the process its identical.

We tried to us this service but we soon realized that we were asked to pay the same amount as directunlocks to unlock our device. The tactic used here was the same as the other service as this fee only goes towards the check. If you happen to be eligible they will ask for an extra fee to unlock your device. In case you are not eligible you will be able to get a refund only to be used on their website.

  • Easy to use platform
  • Same as directunlocks
  • Questionable refund policy

What are our recommendations?

Before your choose the service we recommend
Before your choose the service we recommend

We do not how frustrating it is to have your device locked. However, we think there are some things you need to consider to stay safe and have a successful and smooth experience while unlocking the iCloud Activation Lock from any Apple device:

  • Use Online methods over software
  • Check for SSL certificate
  • Read the terms and conditions of each service
  • Check compatibility with your device
  • Read the reviews for each method

Keeping these things in mind will prevent you from having a hard time unlocking your device or using the wrong service. We invite you to try the service that better suits your needs. We are aware that there are many other iCloud unlock service tools available on the internet.

Other alternatives?

What other iCloud Unlock Service alternative do you have?
What other iCloud Unlock Service alternative do you have?

If you happen to be the original owner, but forgot all means of recovery of your account, there is a small chance that Apple itself might be able to help unlocking your device. To be eligible for unlocking, you will need to proof ownership of your device and it is recommend to go to an Apple store in person to speed up the process.

Make sure to compile all information proving your are the legit owner before heading to the store or submitting your request to Apple, you will likely be asked for:

  • Receipt of purchase
  • ID (Birthday and full name must be visible)
  • iOS version and model

If you proof that the phone is yours, Apple will then start the recovery process that could take up to a month. Please have ready a backup email and phone number to add as the recovery method. Once the process is completed, you will receive an email that will allow you to change the iCloud password and allow you to unlock the device.

Do not use bypass or jailbreak methods

When it comes to bypassing or jailbreaking methods, we do not recommend them as they do not unlock your device but rather give you limited access to some features of your device. If you do any of these methods, all warranty will be void and you may cause irreversible damage to the software.

If you still want to do these methods, please check the software you are going to download as this might infect the device or hurt your computer. Try to always go for an activation lock removal service as the ones we have reviewed above.

Ready to unlock yours?

Are you ready to unlock your device?c
Are you ready to unlock your device?

Before you use any of the services we have listed above, we would like to suggest you to do your own research. Based on our own experiences services like SafeUnlocks or LockedToOwner are far safer and easy to do by users of all ages and expertise levels.

We do not encourage downloading any type of software without fully checking the service and running a scan on each of the files you are trying to download. We hope this guide was useful to give you a better understanding of this topic.

If you have any suggestions on services we should try, feel free to contact us and we will analyze every aspect of the service. This article was not sponsored and was fully based on our experiences using the services.

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