SafeUnlocks Review – Is this the best unlocking service?

Next on the list with have this new unlock service called SafeUnlocks, we will put this activation lock removal service to the test. This will be an unbiased and simple SafeUnlocks review to let users know our experience with this website.

How does this unlocking process works?

Unlock iPhone 6s
We will be unlocking this iPhone 6s

For the purpose of all our reviews, we will take a locked device and follow their instructions to get our device unlocked. This unlocking method is not your typical software but rather an Online app that will remove our iPhone locked to the owner.

What you keep in mind?

To unlock your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Apple Watch from activation lock using this website, you will need to keep in mind some features that you need to consider before starting your process. This will be key to avoid delays or any misunderstandings when you remove your phone.

  • Have a stable network connection
  • Have your IMEI number or Serial Number ready
  • Have your device fully charged to avoid delays

Is it fully online?

Yes, this unlocking process does not require you to download some sort of software or call anyone, this whole process is fully Online. be aware of other websites where you need to call support or download any type of software, this is often scam to take money from your.

How to start your unlocking with SafeUnlocks?

SafeUnlocks Review
Online iCloud Unlock Tool

To get started, you need to go to their official website and access their iCloud unlock tool, you will be redirected to a form where you need to fill out some information in order to unlock your device. We consider this information is very basic and goes to the point, we are gonna list below the requirements:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Device Model
  • IMEI or Serial Number
  • Accept terms and conditions

After you enter all this information, you will need to submit to the server to unlock your device. Make sure all information is correct and that you have access to the email you have selected to avoid any mistakes.

Activate your order

Activate your Unlocking Request
Activate your Unlocking Request

Once your data is submitted to the server, you will be ask to obtain a membership ID to activate your order. They have a full tutorial on how to do it and why is it for. We managed to reach out to one of the members, and they explained to us, that this tool is meant to avoid commercial or unwanted use of their tool.

Once you watch the video, you need to obtain this so call “membership ID”, we found the process to be simple and very straightforward, we registered to this third party service and soon enough we got the code we needed to activate our order.

Get a Dummy ID

Enter your Dummy ID on your locked device
Enter your Dummy ID on your locked device

5 minutes after submitting our code, we got an email to our inbox containing an ID and a password claiming to work to unlock our device. We went ahead and entered this ID stating to be a working unlock code that will only work for our video. 30 seconds after entering this ID, we were redirected to the settings and after following the configuration suggested we were on the home screen.

Does it remove iCloud permanently?

Permanent iCloud Unlock on Any iOS
Permanent iCloud Unlock on Any iOS

Yes, we have been using the unlocked phone for the past 2 weeks and nothing seems to be wrong with the device. All features and services from Apple are working fine and we even entered our own iCloud account to the device, placed calls using our carrier, use the Face ID and so on.

Is it a good unlock service?

SafeUnlocks is without a doubt a helpful and legit website with a great user experience. From our own experiment and the ones from many customers we are happy to recommend anyone facing this problem to use this amazing service. This is all thanks to the great work and effort made to fix this issue from the SafeUnlocks developing team.

How much does it cost?

Something that we want to tell our community is that this service is for the most part free or almost free for all consumers. As we have said before, you need to get a membership ID via a subscription to become a member and get the code to request your unlock. In our case and based on other experiences, this cost was of $1 dollar at most. We still think this is a great service and they only do this to protect their platform from unwanted usage.

Are there negative reviews?

Don't forget to read all the steps
Don’t forget to read all the steps

We do understand where the negative reviews could come from, as a tech expert we found no issue whatsoever from this Online app. However, as a normal user or someone with limited knowledge is easy to get confused and enter the wrong information or not following all the steps which might result in a negative experience.

We were able to contact one of the team members of the service, and they told us that many unlocking are not completed due to small errors while using the service, especially the IMEI. this service works by setting yourself up with a temporary ID to unlock your device, if this number is not correct, then you might face delays or simply you won’t be able to unlock it.

Is it reliable and easy to use?

Yes, SafeUnlocks provides a safe unlock of your device without having to use advanced tools. All details are clearly explained and the company offers services that no site on the internet is able to offer with such simplicity. We fully recommend this unlocking method as part of our latest reviews on iCloud unlocking tools.

What’s our conclusion with this SafeUnlocks Review?

We invite you to try this great service
We invite you to try this great service

As of right now, this is by far our smoothest and easiest experiences while getting rid of the iPhone locked to owner message. If you are currently struggling to use your iOS device because of this problem, then we fully suggest you to go and visit this website. Feel free to contact us if you want to share your experience using this service of any other iCloud unlocking service, we will be happy to read you.

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