Can you Remove the Activation Lock with iMyFone? Find out!

iMyFone is an online website that offers downloadable apps used to do processes like data transfer, data backup, data cleaning, and the one that concerns us: activation lock removal. In this review, we will confirm if you can really remove the activation lock with iMyFone to save you from wasting time and money.

What Services are offered by iMyFone?

What Services are offered by iMyFone?
What Services are offered by iMyFone?

iMyFone has multiple services that their customers can have by downloading different software/programs that require monthly or annual payments, or a lifetime subscription. The services available are:

  • Data recovery: D-Back (Available for Android & Apple) and Chatsback (Line & WhatsApp).
  • Repair services: Fixppo, Tunesfix, and Ultrarepair.
  • Unlocking services: LockWiper, iBypasser, KeyGenious, and Passper
  • Data transfer: iTransor (Available for WhatsApp, Line, and iOS) and Tunesmate.
  • Utilities: AnyTo, MirrorTo, TopClipper, FamiGuard, Ultimate Pro, Umate Mac Cleaner, AllDrive, and SEO Master.
  • Multimedia tools: Filme, MagicMic, MarkGo, V2Audio, and VoxBox.

iBypasser: iMyFone’s Unlocking Tool

iBypasser: iMyFone's Unlocking Tool
iBypasser: iMyFone’s Unlocking Tool

As we mentioned above, iMyFone has a specific software or tool for each purpose, and the one that we are aiming to examine is iBypasser as it is the app that supposedly removes the iCloud activation lock from your iPhone.

Now, there is something to highlight here, and it is that as the name of the software says, it is a bypasser meant to bypass the activation lock, which means that it is not a real unlocker, let’s see the difference.

What is the difference between a bypass and an unlock?

When you talk about bypassing the activation lock, you are really talking about a temporary solution. A bypass or jailbreak is when you don’t remove the lock itself but with the help of external software, you manage to kind of skip it so that you can access the device’s information without unlocking it… The real problem with these bypassing tools is that the lock will be back sooner or later.

Taking into account that the lock is still there if you happen to restart, reset, or remove the iCloud account from that device, the lock will be turned on once again because it was never removed, and here is precisely the difference between unlocking a device and merely bypassing the lock: an unlocked iPhone will remain unlocked permanently.

When you unlock an iPhone (or any locked Apple device), you are completely eliminating the iCloud activation lock for it to work as well as new. If the lock is rooted out of the device, it won’t be locked again no matter what you do with it. So, if the question was whether you can remove the activation lock with iMyFone or not, then the answer will be no because you are just baying for them to jump out of the lock.

How to Remove the Activation Lock with iMyFone-iBypasser

How to Remove the Activation Lock with iMyFone-iBypasser
How to Remove the Activation Lock with iMyFone-iBypasser

If you are wondering how to remove the activation lock with iMyFone, here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to their official website and get a paid subscription (you can get a monthly subscription for $39.95, an annual subscription for $89.95, or a lifetime subscription for $119.95). Take into account that they automatically enable auto-renewal on every account, so you have to be careful to not end up having this charge every month/year on your bank account.
  • After you have paid for their program, you will need to download and install the software on your computer.
  • Then you will need to connect your locked device and download a program again, this will be the jailbreak that is supposed to unlock your iPhone or Apple device.
  • At this point, the software will have full control of your iPhone and you will need to wait for it to bypass the lock.

Now, at this point, there is something that is fair to mention, and it is that this program is most likely going to fail:

Can you Remove the Activation Lock with iMyFone? (Taken from Trustpilot)

We’ve reviewed customers’ comments from external review platforms to check what are the real users’ experiences, and we found many comments like the one above. People that have used this platform shared multiple bad comments about the website’s customer service, the program’s quality, and the expensive subscriptions they paid for nothing, so just take this as a warning to avoid being (as many customers said) scammed.

Would we Recommend iMyFone?

Would we Recommend iMyFone?
Would we Recommend iMyFone?

There are various reasons why we consider this platform not recommendable.

  • First of all, their prices are very expensive and it seems odd that they ask you to subscribe for a minimum of a full month to be able to do something that according to what they advertise on their website “takes only a couple of seconds”.
  • In addition, when you enter your credit card information, they automatically turn on auto-renewal, and it is something to worry about because you could end up getting those charges on your account month after month.
  • On the other hand, we think this program is more difficult to manage than it should be, having to install a program/software on your computer to remove an activation lock feels kind of excessive and unnecessary because, with programs like SafeUnlocks for example, you get better results — and a real and permanent unlock — without having to download anything. And this takes us to the other disadvantage of this program which is that it does not unlock devices.
  • As we explained before this program will merely bypass the lock without removing it, and this represents a problem because there is a high probability that the device will lock itself if approximately 3 months, and not just that, another problem is that as it is a jailbreak, the device could notice that there is an external program trying to pass its safety measures and it could carry more problems for the owner (this assuming the bypass will work because according to previous customers’ reviews, it doesn’t).

What we would recommend at this point is to try another unlocking tool (a real unlocker, not a bypass) like SafeUnlocks… It is 100% online, there are no monthly charges (you only pay for what you use, so you pay per device unlocked which costs $1 only), you don’t have to install anything, and is permanent because is a real unlock.

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