Is ‘iRemove Tools’ Legit? Full Review

iRemove Tools is an online website where you can find three categories of unlocking tools — each with a specific software meant to unlock different Apple devices —: iPhone and iPad unlock software, Mac unlock software, and Apple Watch unlock software. In this service review, we will let you know everything you need in regard to iRemove Tools and whether their programs are feasible to use or not.

iRemove Tools: Services Available

iRemove Tools: Services Available
iRemove Tools: Services Available

iRemove Tools manages a total of 3 types or categories of unlocking tools, those are categorized depending on the type of Apple device to be unlocked and under each category (iPhone and iPad unlock software, Mac unlock software, and Apple Watch unlock software), there are certain unlocking software/tools for each kind of lock that an Apple device can have.

All those tools must be installed on your computer and they require you to pay a monthly fee (the amount increases depending on the device you need to unlock). There are also some free complementary services but in most cases, those are compatible with a few devices only and if you want to get the service you have to pay for the upgrade, so our recommendation is that if you will really use their service just pay right away before using the free version and get charged even more.

Here are the categories they have, the unlocking apps available, and the cost for each — remember that the prices on the list are starting or basic fares when nothing extra has been added, so if for example, you want to unlock a brand new iPhone, the price will significantly increase —:

iPhone and iPad Unlock Software

Under this category there are the following unlocking services available:

  • iCloud activation lock – bypass from $19.
  • Carrier/SIM lock – bypass from $29.99.
  • Passcode disabled iPhone – unlock from 29.99.
  • Apple ID (FMI OFF) removal from $24.99.
  • Remote management (MDM) – bypass from $44.99.

Mac Unlock Software

  • Find My Mac activation lock – bypass from $99.99.
  • MacOS remote management (MDM) removal from $29.99.
  • EFI firmware passcode – unlock from $99.99.
  • iCloud system PIN lock – bypass from $49.99.
  • Find My Mac deactivation (we tried to access this service for a long time but there was always a message stating “SERVICE IS UNAVAILABLE”).

Apple Watch Unlock Software

Addressing TrustPilot Negative Reviews

Addressing TrustPilot Negative Reviews
Addressing TrustPilot Negative Reviews

Something we find interesting is that on iRemove Tools’ home page you can find a button that sends you to the reviews that they’ve received on Trustpilot (a website in which users leave reviews of different websites for people to determine whether it is good or not), so we got down with the job and we checked the negative reviews they had to see what customers have complained about it and explain that to you.

Do they ask people to remove bad reviews in exchange for their refund?

Taken from Trustpilot

According to this and other reviews, when people are dissatisfied and want a refund (and have posted a negative review), they are asked to delete the bad comment for them to issue the refund. This is outrageous because users are entitled to a refund regardless of whether they delete or not a bad review, with this what one can assume is that there have been more dissatisfied customers that were manipulated and had to delete their opinions to be refunded.

Compatibility Advertised

Taken from Trustpilot
Taken from Trustpilot

We saw a lot of reviews where users were complaining about the compatibility of the unlocking apps with the devices they needed to unlock, it seems like the huge range of compatibility advertised on iRemove Tools is not reliable.

Another aspect that is important to highlight is the bad customer service that this company has, taking into account that they offer unlocking services (which is something that normal people are not used to), great customer service and technical support are fundamental, and in a lot of comments, like “I’m trying to get technical support and I never received any email for login after doing payment” and the one on the image, users state that the customer service team is irresponsible.

iRemove Tools Don’t Fully Unlock the Devices

Taken from Trustpilot
Taken from Trustpilot

There is something to take into account and is that there is a big difference between unlocking a device and bypassing the lock, the problem with iRemove Tools software (and other unlocking websites) is that their app doesn’t fully remove/eliminate the lock, so as soon as you restart, reset, turn off/on or update your iPhone, it will be locked again.

That is a great disadvantage for people that use this program and doesn’t really sound fair taking into account the high prices that they manage. Our recommendation for you is to look for an alternative like SafeUnlocks, they offer real unlocking services that will completely remove the lock and they only charge $1 per unlocked iPhone.

A Better Alternative? SafeUnlocks

A Better Alternative? SafeUnlocks
A Better Alternative? SafeUnlocks

Taking into account how ineffective and expensive iRemove Tools services are, we want to recommend you a better option where you pay what is fair, you don’t have to download/install anything on your phone, and you complete the unlocking process one time only to enjoy an unlocked device from then on.

SafeUnlocks is a company that offers unlocking services 100% online, the unlocking process with them only takes like 15 minutes and the device’s lock is permanently removed. Their tool is compatible with any smartphone no matter the manufacturer, brand, version, or model; also, it is completely safe to use it, and the unlocked device is completely liberated from any restriction (all features will be working perfectly fine and you can do whatever you want with your phone without worrying about any lock).

The principal and most popular services that they have available are:

  • Activation lock removal.
  • Carrier/SIM lock removal.
  • IMEI blacklist removal.
  • FRP unlock.

You only have to pay $1 for their unlocking services regardless of the model or brand of the device you need to unlock or the type of lock you need to remove, so if you were looking for an online tool to eliminate a lock on your phone, this is the one.

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