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There is a big chance you have come across a website called if you are trying to Unlock iCloud lock, Sim Unlock, FRP Unlock or bypass the lock screen on your device. These are some big claims and we will put this website to the test and let you know whether this is a legit service or not.

Overview of

Wipelock Home Screen
Wipelock Home Screen

Something we stumbled upon was the lack of information on its homepage, Wipelock offers very limited resources to users with nothing more than a single page and an about us section. This is our first red flag when it comes to unlocking services. We will dive it more features of this page.

Fairly new page

This website was first indexed on December 9th of 2019 based on More important that this, it’s the lack of updated information uploaded to the site. Since its creation no new information or resources has been added other than really basic blog post.

First appearance of the site
First appearance of the site

Bad reviews on Trustpilot

When it comes to the reviews of the site, it is hard to come up with a final conclusion as there are very few reviews. Most of the reviews you can find Online link to a scam scheme linking to other services. Before we jump into any conclusions, we will try it ourselves to give a final conclusion.

Whois privacy corp

Although this is not generally a bad sign, all the information provided by Whois gives a hint about the site reputation. When you run a test on this site, you can tell the information has been hidden and replaced by bogus data to protect their information.

iCloud activation lock removal service

iCloud Unlock services offered by Wipelock
iCloud Unlock services offered by Wipelock offers 3 methods to unlock iCloud activation lock, all the methods include the usage of some third party software or the download of a PDF locked file. This is a bad sign for any service as it is not a service provided by them but rather an affiliate website trying to up-sell other services.

Does it actually iCloud unlock your device?

We highly doubt it, there is nothing free about the tools as most of them are simply sponsored or they want you to pay for a PDF file that contains little to no information. We will cover this tool later on this article to discover what’s behind the famous PDF.

Carrier lock removal – Sim Lock

Carrier unlock services by Wipelock also promises their uses the unlocking of the mobile phone from your carrier regardless of the company or type of device (Android devices and iOS devices). Just as with the iCloud activation lock removal service, this “sim card unlocking tool” it’s just an affiliate to other sites or the up sell of a PDF file.

Lock screen removal

Same trend found on this service
Same trend found on this service

When it comes to the lock screen removal service offered by them, we see a different similar trend with the services offered by this company. On this case, for our own safety, our firewall and antivirus tool has rejected the connection to the sites linking to the tool. However, we do believe it is just another affiliate link with far less security for the users.

FRP Lock

FRP unlock by Wipelock
FRP unlock by Wipelock

Just as we suspected with the other services, the FRP lock removal tool it’s no more that another sponsored link to a paid tool claiming to fix any issues on your smartphone. It is often the same piece of software claiming to give solutions to all issues regardless of your country, carrier. We again advice you not to download any type of software onto your computer as unknown sources could jeopardize your safety.

What is the PDF about?

We have already covered how this site it’s full of promotional links to other apps to remove all sort of problems on your phones. At this point, you might be wondering what the famous PDF is all about. We investigated ourselves and this locked PDF it is just full of information linking to other sites.

Locked PDF up sell by Wipelock
Locked PDF up sell by Wipelock

How is this possible?

You might be aware by this point that they offer a PDF file with all the methods from removing your iCloud account, bypass iCloud or whatever you want to call it, to services like removing the carrier lock on your device to use it on other carriers. They are able to get away with this as they actually provide you a real service, which is giving you access to the PDF file you want to read.

This way is able to shield themselves from the buyer protection offered by Paypal as they are not breaking any law as they are giving you access to the service you requested. We have read the PDF and as said before, it only contains very basic information that can be found anywhere on the web as well as some affiliate links to other websites.

Do we recommend it?

Wipelock review
The final decision is yours

No, after going to some reviews and trying the services ourselves, we can say it is just a waste of time, money and a possible way to get your data stolen from your computer. After all this is just our opinion and even thought we do not encourage the use of this tools, feel free to check them out and come up with your own conclusion.

Is there a legitimate site?

From our previous experiences and based on users feedback, we can recommend LockedToOwner which is a service focused on iCloud unlocks. If you are looking to remove the carrier from your device or even the iCloud lock, we fully suggest using SafeUnlocks which is easier to use and the whole process is online.

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