Unlockmaker Review: Is it the best unlocking service?

Unlockmaker is a remarkable service to remove the iCloud activation lock, we have heard some good reviews about this site, that’s why we are here to let you know all about this service. We will cover everything from the visuals, user experience to actually try their iCloud unlock service with an iOS device.

What does Unlockmaker has to offer?

Unlockmaker at first glance might not seen as a very advanced or modern tool as we are used to on this blog. Despite de lack of color or advanced features, the page offers everything you need to know and an easy to use tool to unlock iCloud activation lock.

Home screen of Unlockmaker
Home screen of Unlockmaker

Resources to users

Although it could improve the content structure, everything is listed on the home screen with all basic information on how to unlock iCloud lock and how the tool can be used to unlock your Apple device. Feel free to check out their resources and learn everything about their unlocking services.

Easy to use activation lock removal tool

All you need is an internet connection and a browser to use Unlockmaker’s iCloud unlock service. This tool is Online and does not need the download of any type of software or extension on your browser. To use the online service, you just need to follow the wizard that will guide you step by step on how to remove iCloud lock.


Something we all worry when doing this type of things, is our safety. Luckily for you, Unlockmaker offers a great layer of security by encrypting all your info via SSL certificate. Also all information is erased after your unlocking is completed.

iCloud unlock service

Unlocking App
Unlocking App

At this point, you might be wondering how does the service work and how you can remove activation lock from your iPhone, iPad, Apple watch or iPod touch. We will quickly go over on how to use this service and what to keep in mind before starting the process.

How does it work?

Unlockmaker is able to remove iCloud by generating a random Apple ID and password that it’s linked with your IMEI number. This is possible thanks to the uniqueness of your IMEI or Serial number which allow the tool to generate a random account to remove the activation lock from your locked device. If you wish yo know more, go directly to their website to learn all about their service.

How to use it?

Learn how to use this tool
Learn how to use this tool

Before you start your unlocking process, we would like to give you some tips that will make this process a lot easier:

  • Have your device near you and charged
  • Make sure to have at least 30 minutes
  • Have a phone or computer with good Internet

If you have all of this requirements, the process should go smoothly and quick. If you want to skip the wizard part you can access the tool directly by clicking on the “Start your unlock” button. We will assume you are already inside the tool:

Enter your name and email

To get started, you will be asked to enter a Name and email, this is important as all information will be sent via email in case there is any error during the process.

Enter name and email
Enter name and email

Select your device

Thanks to their advanced cloud services, Unlockmaker is capable of detecting the model of your device, you just need to select the device you want to unlock. Keep in mind this service is only available to iPhone, iPad, Apple watch and iPod touch.

Select the device to unlock
Select the device to unlock

Enter your IMEI or SN

If you have a cellular device, we suggest you to use the IMEI number as this will make things easier for the service to identify your device as well as generate the account to unlock iCloud activation lock.

Identify your device
Identify your device

Generate and download your ID

Once all information is submitted, the server will generate a temporary ID linked to your device. For security purposes the ID is locked until you complete a very simple verification. Luckily, they have a video on how to obtain it, this process is very simple and doesn’t take more than 5 minutes.

Generate your ID
Generate your ID

Enter it on the device and set it up

That’s all you need to use Unlockmaker’s activation lock removal tool, make sure to double check all information before sending your request to the cloud. The ID generated for your iOS device must match the SN or IMEI number to be successful.

Enter this details on your locked device
Enter this details on your locked device

Does it remove iCloud activation lock?

Enjoy a fully unlocked device
Enjoy a fully unlocked device

Yes, after entering the Appleid account sent by email and also shown on the server, we were able to access the home screen of our device. To verify that the device was successfully unlocked, all we had to do was to go to the setting of our iPhone and check that the previous owner account was not there anymore.

Is it a permanent unlock?

We have been using the iPhone 6s for about a month by the time this blog is uploaded. We have not noticed or seen any kind of issue with our phone unlocked by Unlockmaker. Something worth to mention is that no app or service by Apple inc has been disabled, this is a bit concern with other websites.

Is it just an activation lock bypass?

No, neither a host jailbreak services or bypass, Unlockmaker is one of the few services capable of unlocking iOS devices from the iCloud lock. This iCloud activation lock removal service is by far one of the best available to users from all around the world.

Is it a free iCloud unlock service?

Free unlocking service
Free unlocking service

It is, Unlockmaker is a free of charge service with no restrictions. We contacted Unlockmaker directly to learn more about their unlocking process, we were told this is done as part of identification purposes and to prevent commercial use of the tool. Additional to this, some users might need to pay up to $1 to unlock iCloud lock which is still a bargain.

How long does it take?

This will vary depending on what stage you are in. Supposing your device is fully charged and near you, you can expect this process to this from 25-50 minutes depending on how long the identification process takes for you. Again, this will depend purely on you and the times it takes you to gather all information.

Is it worth to use Unlockmaker over other services?

Best iCloud unlocking tool
Which one is better?

Unlockmaker is one of the best services you can use to unlock iPhone, iPad or any other iOS device that currently has the activation lock. Despite all of this, the interface it’s not the most user friendly as other services such as SafeUnlocks that are far superior on this issue.

SafeUnlocks also uses cloud services and all its process is done Online with compatibility to all iOS users regardless of model and iOS version. If you are a beginner user or you are unsure on how to proceed with the unlocking, then SafeUnlocks it’s your best option.

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