Which is the Best iCloud Unlock Service in 2023? Let’s See!

Making a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of all the unlock service providers we reviewed in 2022, we’ve come up with a final decision about which platform offers the best iCloud unlock service taking into account different aspects of what we consider necessary for a great unlocking experience (price, compatibility, timeframes, and safety). Keep reading to see why SafeUnlocks is the best iCloud unlock service and our recommendation to remove your iCloud activation lock!

How Much Does an iCloud Removal Service Cost?

Which is the Best iCloud Unlock Service in 2023? Let's See!
How Much Does an iCloud Removal Service Cost?

The price was something we consider the very first things to check before starting an unlock process because as we’ve seen reviewing unlocking websites, some platforms get to charge you up to $50 to remove an iCloud lock some unlocking providers charge monthly fees that you have to keep paying or else they lock back your device.

This is one of the main reasons why SafeUnlocks is one of the best unlocking services online, they offer effective and permanent unlocks, and only charge $1 per unlocked device. There are no additional fees or hidden charges to your card, it’s as simple as paying for the unlock and having the iCloud account removed.

Are ‘Free’ Unlocks Reliable?

We found some other websites that offer free unlocks but that were not effective and were not able to remove the iCloud account from the locked iPhone (just scams to steal people’s information but that don’t have a working unlocking tool you can use), so we don’t recommend you to trust free services.

If you find a site that offers to unlock iCloud for free, we recommend that you check their reviews on sites like Trustpilot and verify if they count with safety measures such as SSL certificates. This is all just to make sure you are not entering the information of the iOS device to be unlocked on suspicious sites and that the service works.

Can SafeUnlocks’ iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tool Unlock any iPhone Model?

Can SafeUnlocks' iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tool Unlock any iPhone Model?
Can SafeUnlocks’ iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tool Unlock any iPhone Model?

Another important aspect to check upon is the compatibility of the activation lock removal tool with different iOS devices (Like Apple watches and iPads) and Apple versions. This is because if you try to unlock your device and the unlocking tool happens to not be compatible with the specific model you have, the process can damage the device, and if not, anyway you will end up paying for a useless service.

Talking about SafeUnlocks, they are also considered the best iCloud unlock service because the software the company has developed has high compatibility with all Apple devices, so you can rest assured your device’s performance won’t be affected and the unlocking process will be successful (they have a 99.9% success rate, good reviews, and a good reputation).

Is the Unlocking Tool Compatible with other Kinds of Locks?

Yes! This unlocking tool does not only remove iCloud activation locks, there are other services available for the same price to eliminate other kinds of locks such as the SIM or network lock (the one carriers enable so that you can’t use other operator’s networks so you need to IMEI unlock SIM cards), the IMEI blacklist lock (the blacklist report with which owners of second-hand devices struggle a lot), and FRP lock (similar to the iCloud activation lock but for Android devices). 

How Long Does it take to Remove the iCloud Activation Lock?

How Long Does it take to Remove the iCloud Activation Lock?
How Long Does it take to Remove the iCloud Activation Lock?

An iCloud activation lock removal process can be very time-consuming. Normally, unlocking platforms take some hours to process the request and unlock the device (sometimes they unlock iPhones within 24 hours or more); even unlocking your iPhone directly with Apple’s customer support department will take you days. 

However, SafeUnlocks offers a 30-minute timeframe for them to process the unlock request and generate the temporary username and password for you to insert on the Apple device and unlock it. Now, this is possible because they have a fully automated process in which there is not really a person doing the work but the software processing the information you enter, so there is not a lot of effort or time invested here. 

Is it Easy to Remove the iCloud Activation Lock?

Taking into account that the process is 100% online (you don’t have to download or install anything) and is completely automated, you can rest assured that it is really easy to unlock your iPhone or iPad with SafeUnlocks.

You don’t require advanced technical skills or anything like that, you are just basically asked to enter some information (the iOS device’s IMEI number among others) and follow the instructions on the screen (the process is simple, you don’t need to provide a lot of information, and everything is pretty clear).

Is it Safe to use this iCloud Unlock Service?

Is it Safe to use this iCloud Unlock Service?
Is it Safe to use this iCloud Unlock Service?

Safety is incredibly important because you can not only risk your personal information, but you can also completely damage your iPhone, and Apple devices are not precisely cheap. It is important to use a trusted iCloud removal service so that you are sure you will not end up with a bigger problem. 

SafeUnlock’s iCloud lock removal service is completely safe, your privacy is protected via SSL certificates that encrypt all the information you enter into the website (your name, your personal information, the IMEI number of the locked device, the device’s iCloud status, etc). Also, as soon as you finish the iPhone iCloud unlock process, all the information is automatically deleted, you keep your username and passcode, but aside from your account’s basics, all data is removed from the platform.

Does SafeUnlocks bypass iCloud Activation Locks or Remove them?

It is different to pay for a company to bypass the iCloud activation lock than to pay for a real activation lock removal service. The difference is that a bypass is only a temporary solution to the problem because it doesn’t eliminate the lock, to bypass the lock the platform needs to jailbreak the phone and kind of skip the activation security measure. On the other hand, with a real iCloud activation lock removal service you get to truly unlock iPhones permanently.

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